Our Services

Our Services

Through a tailored International business development strategy, coupled with a strong network of local partners and consultants, IMTI provides international business development services for French SMEs in expanding their reach in a cost effective way to the MENA region in the ICT market.


  • IMTI provides professional market intelligence and research services to SMEs to help them identify the dynamics of the target market and industries.
  • IMTI assists SMEs in expanding their perspective and understanding of the challenges ahead, enabling them to make strategic decisions to capture emerging opportunities.
  • IMTI develops tailor made research according to the profile of the client and its specific needs. We offer a wide spectrum of information for the client from general insight into a business sector, up to detailed statistical analysis, identification of potential customers and direct meetings with decision makers.


  • New markets and new businesses development are inherently risky as they require knowledge and expertise that are often out of the comfort zone or capability of French SMEs.
  • If done correctly, new market entries can largely increase your company‚Äôs growth.
  • However, if planned or executed without sufficient local market intelligence and expertise, a company can waste precious time, management resources and capital.
  • IMTI Develops and execute a market entry strategy that works best for your business portfolio and the local market you want to enter.
  • Market entry and new business development is IMTI core area of strengths.


No success is possible without a solid first approach to key players in the target market and timely action or emerging opportunities. this must be coupled with an effective follow up that guarantees the consolidation of the advantages gained with potential customers/partners and new contacts. Our services include:

  • Analysis of company profile of the client.
  • Identification of its market potential in MENA.
  • Identification of customers/partners.
  • Organization of individual business meetings.